If you've ever wondered how many Year 4 children you can fit in a shark's mouth...now you know...16! #welovelearning https://t.co/Y0oTxK156M

Year 1 and 4 are having an amazing time Blue Planet Aquarium today. Here they are braving the shark tunnels!… https://t.co/9VsPsFCde9

Reception are enjoying learning about lots of different ways to move in PE with Mr Upton from City in the Community… https://t.co/3jTSc7kREh

☰ High School Musical Jnr Rehearsals

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High School Musical Jnr Rehearsals

Posted on May 17 2017

The summer show, High School Musical Jnr, proudly presented by the Junior children is looking to be a huge success, with the help and expertise of Mrs Lloyd-Wilson and Mrs Niland, who has kindly stepped in to help.  

With the greatly appreciated support of Year 3, 4 and 5, we can assure you that you will have the time of your lives watching us all have so much fun.

So far we have danced our socks off and managed to choreograph ‘Stick To The Status Quo’, ‘Breaking Free’, ‘the Auditions’ and ‘Get ’cha Head In The Game’   

At the end of the rehearsals for this magnificent show, your child will have learnt so much, for example, teamwork, cooperation and confidence, all whilst having fun.   Each child gets their time to shine and really showcase their talents as each year group will be performing their own song.

Everyone is really looking forward to performing the show at the Garrick Theatre, and we are sure it will be a huge success.   We have all worked really hard to try and make the show really good.

‘It’s gonna be a night to remember’ because ‘we're all in this together, because we're all stars and we hope you will see that’ when your child is up on that massive stage.   

Lucy, Sneha & Seb


Watch this space for details of tickets...COMING SOON!

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