If you've ever wondered how many Year 4 children you can fit in a shark's mouth...now you know...16! #welovelearning https://t.co/Y0oTxK156M

Year 1 and 4 are having an amazing time Blue Planet Aquarium today. Here they are braving the shark tunnels!… https://t.co/9VsPsFCde9

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☰ Year 1 & 2 Trip to Knowsley Safari Park

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Year 1 & 2 Trip to Knowsley Safari Park

Posted on July 13 2016

The trip started out with a brilliant classroom session where the children were introduced to a variety of animals from different habitats.  A snake called Olaf,  a royal python whose habitat was the rainforest, a hissing cockroach from Madagascar, a leaf insect and a tarantula spider from the desert. The children learnt about their habitats and were allowed to touch each animal.

Their next adventure was a guided tour of the Safari Park.  The children were enthralled by the variety of animals and listened attentively to the amazing facts and information imparted by our wonderful guide Sam, challenging her with facts they already knew about some of the animals.

After a quick play on the adventure playground, we headed off to be entertained by the clever and amusing antics of the Californian seal ions , Biffo and Arthur.

Our day at Knowsley ended with a spooky walk around the dark ‘fruit bat forest’  where the children had an opportunity to see these fascinating animals fly past them.  The excitement proved too much for some, as screams were heard as some made a hasty exit to daylight (these were not from the children!)

All in all, the children had an amazing learning and fun day at the safari park.

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