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☰ Early Years Provision

Early Years Provision for Three and Four Year Olds

All children are entitled to receive the Nursery Grant for six terms, commencing in the term after a child’s third birthday and finishing in the term of a child’s fifth birthday.  

- The standard free entitlement is 15 hours per week. Forest Park offers a Prep package and Prep Plus package in its Early Years setting. The Prep package covers the nursery grant sessions and the Prep Plus package is provided at an additional charge. A timetable detailing these school sessions is available upon request.  

- The free entitlement can be claimed at a private day nursery, preschool playgroup, nursery unit of an independent school or at an accredited childminder. The entitlement can only be claimed at a provider who is in Trafford’s Directory of Early Education Providers.  

- A child’s free entitlement can be split between two providers as long as the total amount of hours claimed does not exceed the maximum of 15 hours per week. You only need to submit one application. If you access your free hours at two settings the hours will be allocated on a pro-rata basis calculated by the number of hours the child attends each setting.  

- If your child starts at a provider after the closing date for applications, it may be possible to still apply for the free entitlement. This will be allocated based on the number of weeks left in the term in which the child starts and then the full entitlement, as appropriate, for any remaining terms in the academic year. You will need to contact the Nursery Education Officer on 0161 912 1053 to make arrangements for this.

- Parents must apply direct to Trafford Council. To claim the free entitlement for your child you must submit an individual application form indicating at which childcare provider you wish to access your entitlement. This can be a paper form or an online application ( The form comprises a yearly contract and you are not required to indicate which terms you wish to apply for. To ensure you receive funding, Trafford should receive your application before the beginning of the relevant term. You should receive instant notification that your application has been received. A letter of confirmation should be sent by email within ten working days.

Please note that as per the terms and conditions of admission, a full term’s notice is required to withdraw your child from school.  If a full term’s notice is not received, a full term’s fees in lieu of notice will be required.  

If you have any queries regarding the payment of school fees please contact school office who can put you in touch with our finance department.

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