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A Curriculum for All

Posted on June 21 2019

Growing up my school career was a rather mixed affair. Having initially been brought up in London, due to my father’s work commitments, I moved around the country to many areas of England finally settling within the North West. Between the ages of 7 and 16, I spent time at five different schools and experienced many different schools and styles of teaching and learning. I was fortunate to have been taught by some excellent teachers who inspired me and, on the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at school.

However, I don’t recall many individual lessons or what the curriculum covered in too much detail. Most lessons did not cater for everyone, you either fitted into the system or didn't. Looking back now it was the sports, music and art lessons that really stick in my mind – that and the day the science lab caught fire!

It is these specialist subjects of Sport, Music and Art that can often be omitted from many schools as they focus on core curriculum skills in Maths and English. Many schools also alter timetables to allow time for extra preparation for key stage assessments or entrance examinations, leaving fewer opportunities for pupils to experience the wider areas of the curriculum meaning that the curriculum is not meeting the needs of every pupil.

At Forest Park Preparatory School, the priority is to provide a well-rounded education for all of the children. Of course, the academic subjects are a vital element of this and we consistently achieve excellent results – during the past 5 years, no less than 80% of our children securing a place at a local grammar school. But we also ensure that the children receive a rich and varied curriculum that provides enrichment in all areas of learning.

Music is a key element of the school and we are very proud of our musical talents. The recent Autumn Concert, Grandparents’ Spring Service at Forest Park was a testament to the many talented musicians at the school. We look forward to yet another outstanding summer show at The Garrick Theatre in Altrincham later this term as well. Watching 80 junior pupils on stage, led by Year 6, was one of my main highlights last year and I can’t wait to see what they have in store this year with Annie!

Sport is another important area that we provide at Forest Park. The coaching links with specialist sporting coaches have increased the skill based learning of our pupils greatly and the quality of sport continues to improve. Swimming remains a key strength and again this year three Forest Park pupils represented the North ISA team at the national finals in January; an excellent achievement for a small prep school like ours. Just this term our juniors participated in the North ISA Athletics Championships in Manchester, with our Year 3 relay team being crowned the fastest in the north of England. This year we have also seen an improvement in Key Stage 1 sporting events with Year 1 and 2 pupils taking part more than they ever have before at Forest Park.

Art, craft and design is a great way to promote creativity within children and our extensive art programme in school does this effectively. The children learn key artistic skills and produce work to a very high standard. So high in fact, Forest Park has recently won first place in the ISA Easter Egg Craft Competition for 2019.

Forest Park Prep School has a wealth of talented individuals and we strive to provide opportunities for these talents to shine. It is our aim to tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of all pupils and celebrate achievement and ensure the children have confidence in their own abilities and move on to future schools as well-rounded individuals.

Nick Tucker

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