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All You Need is Love

Posted on June 30 2017

Every week at Forest Park we hold a celebration assembly where we share all that we have achieved at the school; be it collectively or individually. I can honestly say, it is one of my favourite times of the week (I love it), as it encourages us all to focus on success and trying our best - I Can and I will.

‘I Can and I Will’ is the school motto and something I repeat regularly during our celebration events. At Forest Park each pupil is an individual. Each of them are on a personal pathway that needs to be right for them and will help them to be the best future version of that they can; we may have future tree-surgeons and brain-surgeons in the room, future musicians and magicians and so there is no one size fits all. Success for one pupil may look very different to success for another, but whatever it looks like we try to embrace it here and share it with everyone else.

Having read something in the week about the fact that the "I failed at school but am a millionaire" Richard Branson-style stories aren't really helpful to schools or pupils, I add the proviso that, however much we may doubt their ability to judge all types of achievement, qualifications are an important currency. We therefore need, over the remaining years of school that remain for our pupils, to get them as qualified as possible, whilst ensuring that they are happy, healthy and doing the best they can.

During celebration assembly I try to engage with each pupil personally. To give them an opportunity to have their moment in the spotlight. This is my favourite aspect of the celebration assembly; watching pupils beam with pride as they discuss their achievement!

Some pupils are praised for their outstanding marks in specific subject assessments. Others for turning a corner in terms of motivation or attitude. Others for coming to school every day with such a positive attitude. Others for sporting or musical achievements. And others for being overwhelmingly positive, helpful or responsible.

Some children manage to get a combination of several of the above. It is an incredible privilege to share the amazing successes of the young people with whom I work and to share this with as many of the Forest Park community as we can. You can find regular updates of our achievements in our school newsletters on the school website, or alternatively on our school Facebook page.

To celebrate success, and how to overcome a challenge, is something we hold dear at Forest Park. We constantly share our strengths as it creates a drive to succeed, a motivation in life and teaches pupils how to overcome adversity. Because, unfortunately as it is, this is something all pupils will face in life; a challenge, a catastrophe, a crises.

This felt particularly apt to do so ahead of our minute's silence to show respect for the Manchester terrorist attack the other week. We also had some reflection time in assembly last week to consider the London terrorist attack and unfortunate tower block fire. A series of devastating events in the country, over such a short space of time.

I ended each assembly by talking to the children about the tragedies. How we need to think about others and send them our thoughts, prayers and best wishes to everyone involved. But I also reminded them that the world is full of wonderful, loving, positive people like the ones we have at Forest Park. That hatred and negativity are in the minority. I urged them to fight despair with hope and to reflect on the fact that love will always prevail:

I love my job, even at the most difficult times.

Nick Tucker

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