Thank you to everyone who joined us and supported our junior swimmers during their house gala this afternoon. Congr…

Good luck to all of our junior pupils who will be competing in our annual swimming gala this afternoon.…

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☰ Election Fever!

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Election Fever!

Posted on April 27 2015

The media is full of the forthcoming election, and promises are being pledged to improve our standard of living.  In school, the Year 6 democracy topic has captured the imagination of the whole school community.  The winning party, Affinity, have met with me this week to discuss how to make some of their election promises come true.  It is impressive to see the children enthused about their ideas and the considered approach they are taking to the planning and delivery of their initiatives.  In conjunction with the lunchtime team they are going to ‘makeover’ the junior playtime experiences, introducing a range of new activities and games. We are keen that the children understand the principles of democracy, and I make sure the children understand the reasoning behind why some ideas cannot reach fruition.

Our new House Captains for the summer term have been elected and they are keen to lead House Meetings and deliver their weekly reports in assemblies.  Looking to the future, our current Year 5’s will be tasked with preparing a short presentation to support their nominations for school official posts.  It is with pride that I watch the high quality presentations and marvel at their delivery skills. Our emphasis on providing an education that promotes confidence and high self-esteem is evident in our classrooms.

The elected officials of our school councils have been extremely proactive. Under the enthusiastic guidance of Mrs Hall, our Anti-Bullying Council have produced their first newsletter and launched their own competition to create a mascot and motto. The children have had great fun designing mascots and playing with words to create a succinct and meaningful motto. The School Council continue their enterprising Fruit Tuck Shop and Ms Derbyshire, with her Eco Council, ensures that we are recycling and creating better habitats for the birds and insects that visit our playgrounds.

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