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Integration, Integration, Integration!

Posted on April 26 2018

Being the eldest of four siblings I have to admit that I rather enjoyed being the boss and telling my brothers and sisters what to do (now as headteacher, some may say I haven’t stopped bossing people around!).

Having two sisters, you would think that I was used to female company and familiar to interacting with them. However, during my early school days I was what was known as a ‘boys' boy’ and my parents tried to enroll me into an all boys school as they felt this would be better for my development. Luckily enough, the plan did not quite transpire and, after my parents moved north, I found myself in a small, friendly, mixed sex primary school in Liverpool. My parents tried to create a path for me to follow, rather than letting me develop to the right path. Looking back now, although not planned, it was one of the best things to happen to me.

Learning together in a co-ed classroom has many benefits for both genders. Whether at work or in the home, men and women cooperate in their daily lives all the time. Learning to cooperate with one another and communicating with different groups of people is a fundamental life skill. Research shows that children who attend a co-educational school are introduced to the benefits of this type of environment well before they enter the workforce - giving them a conceivably distinct advantage in life.

The children at Forest Park are given this vital advantage from a very young age. All of our boys and girls are encouraged to develop their confidence, self-esteem and social skills which help prepare them for a diverse world, where both genders play important roles. Our inclusive and diverse co-ed environment teaches pupils to have respect for their opposite sex peers, exposes them to different viewpoints, and also develops their social and communicative skills.

Indeed, practice is the best way to master social skills that will help children achieve, problem solve and work well in groups. Co-ed schools like Forest Park provide pupils with the practice they need to master these social skills which better prepares them for success in the next stage of their life. Coupled with our small class sizes, the children at Forest Park are given greater opportunities to experience key social skills that are required to succeed in life. Children lead assemblies, take house meetings and compete in academic, sporting and musical competitions on a regular basis. I am immensely proud to lead a school where every single child has an opportunity to shine during their time in our care, where every single person is known by all within the Forest Park community.

By teaching children to deal with one another with dignity and respect, we at Forest Park are aiming to show children that both males and females contribute in equal (and equally-important) ways to the fabric of a successful integrated society.

Nick Tucker
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