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☰ Nurturing Relationships

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Nurturing Relationships

Posted on February 11 2019

At Forest Park we aim to nurture our pupils emotional needs and development in a whole-school environment. We recognise that all children are unique and learn at different rates, but that they also have experiences within their own lives just like adults. Individual needs are fully supported and when we encounter any barriers to learning, we incorporate our nurturing ethos from staff to provide support, guidance and model positive relationships.

Children at our school feel welcome and safe as they know staff take an interest in them. At Forest Park we celebrate success, build skills and strengths and create an environment where children can succeed. We believe in positive, consistent, respectful interactions with a clear articulation of what is expected from pupils. Behaviour is a way of a child trying to communicate with us, so if this is not consistent we respond in a calm, consistent way while setting clear boundaries and expectations. We listen and provide clear, predictable routines to ensure children feel safe.

Research clearly demonstrates the impact nurture can have on attainment as well as social and emotional competences. At the heart of nurture is a focus on wellbeing and relationships and a drive to support the growth and development of children. Our nurturing approach has been promoted further in recent years and we have seen the benefits for all of our pupils.

Forest Park places children’s wellbeing at the centre of all our teaching and learning activities. We recognise the many differing experiences in our children’s lives. Parents and families have the most important influences in a child’s life and we are pleased that the relationships between home and school are strong and supportive. Parents continued support plays a vital role at all stages of education and the support received at Forest Park makes a huge difference in improving achievement and behaviour.

Our pupils feel safe, secure, confident and are well prepared for lifelong learning as a result.

Nick Tucker

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