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☰ Ready or Not Here I Come!

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Ready or Not Here I Come!

Posted on May 25 2018

Hide and seek topped a recent poll as the playground game people remember most fondly from their childhood days. I have to admit that it was a stern favourite of mine too (along with British Bulldog and conkers!) and I can recall many moments looking for the best hiding places that no-one else would be able to locate.

As a young seven year old at The Blue School in West London I held the accolade of ‘best hider’ one summer many years ago, after locating a hiding spot which enabled me to never be found for a series of weeks. However, this secret spot did cause some embarrassment one June afternoon, when I managed to get myself stuck!

You see, it was a small gap in a fence at the far end of the school playground and meant I could nestle behind the fence in a neighbours back garden. On this more memorable occasion, I squeezed through the gap, hid in my usual spot and relished the sound of my friends' exhaustion as they ran by fervently searching for me. This lasted for a good few minutes, until the bell rang to sound the end of playtime and for the children to line up. It was at this moment that I tried to wedge the fence back but found it would not budge; I was well and truly stuck in a back garden whilst my classmates strolled back into class for registration.

To cut a long story short, the fence was too high for me to scale and I had to navigate my way through the garden and around the local estate back to the entrance of the school, where I was subsequently 15 minutes late for afternoon registration. My class teacher and parents were not amused, so let’s just say the punishment still resonates with me to this day!

Top 10 playground games:

Hide and Seek
Red rover/British Bulldog
What's the time Mr Wolf?/statues /grandmother's footsteps
Rock, paper, scissors

Forest Park is a place for learning, but some of life’s most important skills we teach our pupils are taught outside the classroom and in the social mixing pool of the school playground. Our achievements, and in some cases failures, on the playground may seem insignificant now, but back in the day a hard won match of marbles or shattered skipping record are essential experiences in forming the kind of people we become in adulthood.

In the above study 80% of those surveyed thought that break time experiences helped forge the people they had become. 57% felt that playground games and tasks helped them develop their team work skills and 48% felt it aided the development of their hand eye coordination. 45% believed that experiences of losing games to others taught them to be gracious in defeat and 38% think striving on the playground helped to make them more determined and confident in later life.

At Forest Park our fabulous playground staff and midday assistants help promote these games on a daily basis. Our pupils also run a plethora of playtime clubs as well and the benefits are clear to see. Key life skills such as; confidence, independence, self esteem, releasing emotions, winning and losing are embedded every single day. I have never seen a school where so many of the children interact with one another across all year groups and genders. Our pupils resonate such life skills in abundance -  the Forest Park family is a very special place indeed!

Nick Tucker

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