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☰ Teaching – the greatest job in the world!

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Teaching – the greatest job in the world!

Posted on October 11 2017

It has always struck me as remarkable and fortuitous that I am paid to do a job where I get to have so much fun. Teaching, it is the greatest job in the world because…

We are making a difference: Knowing it’s the most important job

Education is to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century and coal was to the industrial revolution. We’re in the business of giving young people the greatest asset in the world economy. We’re doing the thing that transforms lives. It’s a big deal – which is why we spend so much time talking about how to get it right. But, across the wide landscape of careers, this is the ONE. You’re in the right place at Forest Park. Be happy.

Young People are Wonderful

This term, pupils who left us at Forest Park have returned to school and greeted us with tales of their new educational careers. It was wonderful to talk to them…people I knew as 10-year olds, now maturing into young adults living their lives, already with many tales to tell. Our ex pupils from Forest Park consistently amaze me in equal measure – so many ideas, so curious about the world and always looking for a channel for their enthusiasm and joie de vivre. These are the people that make it all worthwhile; each one a unique personality with different attitudes and ways of thinking, bursting with possibilities for the future. The relationships you can form with children as you strive together to maximise their learning are quite wonderful.

We may feel we’re teachers of a class or year group – but we’re not; we’re teachers of children learning skills and knowledge. It’s really all about them – and that’s the joy.

Local Family; Global Family

I love that sense of being part of something at Forest Park; belonging to a group of people with a shared sense of purpose; a common identity and common challenges. When you are a teacher, you are part of a much bigger project – there’s a vision for reaching audacious goals where you need to play your part. At their best, schools are giant families, offering that sense of togetherness and mutual support. We’re all in it together.

The rewards of achievement

School life has a routine for sure… but then it is punctuated with moments of pure joy. These are often when a child makes a break-through. “Josh, YES – that’s it – brilliant! Say that again…” “You see…you CAN do it. That’s a really good answer; great piece of drawing; excellent analysis; well-crafted paragraph; insightful speech”. These are the great moments…watching a pupil struggle and then to emerge with a clear grasp of an idea. During celebration assembly this week, this struck me. It wasn’t the book; or the cup, medal or certificate – it was just the reward of having achieved that meant the most to them. Not many jobs give you the opportunity to witness achievement on a daily basis in that way.

Strategic challenges and leadership opportunities

Schools are fabulously complicated and challenging organisations. I’ve always found the intellectual and personal challenge of running a great lesson, a year group, a department or a school, incredibly rewarding. There are so many opportunities to lead people, organise events or projects and to put ideas into action. Given the complexity and importance of learning, I can’t think of a profession where strategic analysis and interpersonal dynamics mix in such a fascinating way. Teaching should be the No1 graduate profession; this is where the action is.

Learning, always learning

A teaching career is a never-ending learning journey. You learn more and more about teaching, you learn new skills continually as you engage in new ideas about pedagogy; you develop a broad perspective on social issues and the range of personal challenges people face…the learning goes on and on. You learn a lot about yourself and how your ethical and political dispositions fit with real-life challenges. You learn how to deal with people in every conceivable emotional state; you learn how to communicate a message and how to turn ideas into action. TEACHING IS LEARNING!

Teachers of the World…let’s talk up the profession. In my opinion, there is no better one.

Have a great half term everyone.

Nick Tucker

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