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☰ Thank You For Your Continued Support

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Thank You For Your Continued Support

Posted on July 15 2019

As another very successful year draws to a close, all of us at school would like to wish all Forest Park pupils, parents and teachers a happy and safe summer. For those to whom we must say goodbye, we wish you all the very best in your new school experiences. For those who stay on with us, we extend you a great big handshake and want you to know that we are so happy to have the privilege of getting to see you again in September. We are very proud of our enriched programme of study and creative curriculum at Forest Park that we offer to our much-loved children. Teaching and learning is a two-way relationship - planting and reaping. When we see our pupils “planted in the Forest Park garden", we receive our reward all over again when they grow and fulfil their potential.

Thank you to our many parents for your continued support of your child's learning and your faithfulness in attending the many events and performances during the school year. Everything you participate in counts to your child. By supporting, it's like any family; you support because you are committed to the community itself and to your child's place in it. Actions speak loudly, so it is a great advantage to your child to be able to see and feel this sense of community.

There is an added bonus of increased self-esteem as children overcome their own fears and perform before others, knowing that you are there. That is not to say that parents who have other obligations are not doing their part. Everyone has to do the best they can with their own schedule and we understand that. Whatever you can attend will mean all that much more to your child.

We wish also to say thanks to our pupils who put in so much effort and cooperation with practices, in order to present their best performance to the parents. You are a joy to watch as we adults look upon you and see how much you have grown, and think just a little bit about who you will become one day. Sunrise. Sunset. We are watching for the dawn of your grown-up life where you will be a product of a good education and a wonderfully supportive learning community. All those who have cared for you, guided you, taught you and parented you, will make a contribution, a little at a time to the beautiful person you will become. And then it will be your turn.

Thank you to all of the Forest Park family, for all of your generous and heartfelt involvement this year. It has been another successful year, one of the best yet, and I look forward to improving upon our many achievements and making this school an even better place to learn and grow next year.

Thank you.

Nick Tucker

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