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☰ The Importance of Change

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The Importance of Change

Posted on January 25 2018

It only seems like yesterday when everyone was setting off for their Christmas holidays and now we find ourselves back to school with 2018 already a few weeks old! Having caught up with many of the children at Forest Park, it seems all of them had a great time creating lasting memories with friends and family over the festive period. I have to admit that, I too had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and, as always, wish it had lasted that little bit longer.

One of the highlights for many of my family and friends, and much to my embarrassment, over the festive period was a particular present that I received. It was approaching midday on Christmas morning and my two girls had demolished their presents with a degree of military precision and it was now the turn of the adults to see what lay beneath the Christmas tree.

After the usual dad socks and aftershave I came across one of the last items in my pile, which turned out to be a special sort of shampoo. Not just any shampoo, but a revolutionary new shampoo imported from Germany for … how shall we say this … men who are approaching a certain time in their life where their hair may be less full on their head than it once was! After a few fits of laughter (mainly from my wife) we set to clearing the lounge and preparing for the rest of the day’s activities.

Life changes. Simple as that and it changes in many ways. As human beings, sometimes we like the way things develop and change and at other times we struggle to adapt to the demands and challenges that change brings. The same can be said for our young learners at Forest Park. On our return to school earlier this month, I could not help notice how many of the children had changed when they arrived back at school. New haircuts, more confidence, bigger smiles and even a few new faces added to the Forest Park family.

As a school we teach children about change in many ways; that as we grow older, we all change in some way. We grow taller, become smarter, and even our personalities change. We teach the children new concepts, new skills and new ways to learn. But our most important job is to teach children about life changes and how to be resilient and prepared for them. In life there are things we can't control and there are things that change without us ever really realising it until the change has already happened.

As adults we understand some of the challenges that lie ahead for our youngsters and how life changes. Things like that person that used to be your best friend in the world, you now struggle to communicate with and maybe talk to once a month. Things like a relative passes away and you never really understood what life was going to be like without them until they were gone. Things like that relationship that ended that you thought would last forever because you were convinced that the two of you could get through anything. Things like a family member going through a difficult time and having to do what you think is best for them, even if it isn't what's best for the entire family.

The bottom line is that people come and go and things change, but life doesn't stop for anybody and we must empower our pupils at Forest Park to learn to accept that. We must educate them that change is inevitable and is positive for personal growth. Change is a necessity in life. At Forest Park we carefully, and methodically, teach them that no-one reaches their full potential stuck in their comfort zone and no-one ever experiences true joy in their life, if they never change.

Is it easy? Absolutely not. Is it for the best? Absolutely it is. It is for the best of our pupils to adapt and change in all manner of ways to ensure they are fully prepared for the next stage of their lives. For their futures. We ensure pupils trust themselves and their own judgments and actions. If we do that we will never doubt change and will never doubt who we are and what we want from life.

By encompassing change at Forest Park with our pupils the next time they have a big decision to make or are going through a new experience in life, they will embrace it and remember that change is good, but it's not easy.

Nick Tucker

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