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Posted on November 18 2016

One way in which we protect and safeguard children at Forest Park is making sure they feel they can talk to us about their concerns, hopes and fears. We build, or seek to build, relationships that are open, respectful, cheerful, positive, encouraging and personal. We try to give the time that children want from us, so they know they have been listened to fully. As our children are so receptive and open we also try to make the time to explain the adults’ view of things, our hopes and wishes.

But with 154 children, and even though we employ more than thirty adults, there will be children who find it hard to talk to us, or to find the opportunity or the starting point to do so. Their talk and support can come from younger and older people of course. Sometimes, when all they need is a friendly voice, talking with other children ticks all their needs. This is something that we positively encourage at Forest Park and our buddy system works extremely well to this effect.

On Monday, I sat and ate my lunch with the children in the dinner hall. It was great to sit, eat and chat with the children about their day and what they had been up to. It appears Monday’s are most classes spelling days as the majority of children had had their weekly spelling test. After being tested by some of the children on their spellings for that week (a lot more difficult than you might imagine!) I asked the children who they felt comfortable talking to in school if they had any issues.

They listed individuals and groups that they know they can talk to:



Dinner ladies,



School helpers,

Brothers and sisters,

And many individually named children in the school.

Comforting to know, isn’t it? That our children recognise that they have so many people available to them who can help and support whenever they need it?


Nick Tucker

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