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A Day in the Life of Home Learning

Posted on April 29 2020

A Day in the Life of Home Learning

We asked Eryn in Year 5 to let us know how she was getting on with home learning.  Read her diary below.

Today is the 30th day in lockdown, and the 7th day of home learning because of the Coronavirus.

As per usual, I was the first person up. I decided to have a nice hot shower. I had a good feeling that today was going to be a nice sunny day. It seems like I’m a good predictor because I got it right! When my parents got up I made them a drink (I’m getting pretty good at making drinks as I am having lots of practice).

It seems strange not to go to school. My new school is in the dining room. I get myself ready and switch the computer on. While I wait for everyone to join registration, my Mum gives me some times tables and maths quizzes, I’m so unlucky!

After registration I did 30 minutes exercise.  Since I don’t like the Joe Wicks workout, we scootered to the postbox to post a birthday card. On the way back I could scooter in the middle of the road because it was like a ghost town, it was that quiet. 

In our maths lesson we were doing volume.  It’s much better now we have Google Meets as it almost feels like we are in school. I chose a 3 star challenge and it was ok. Mrs Pawson was online when we did our independent work in case we had any questions, but I didn’t need her. 

Then it was snack time followed by an English lesson. We are on Google Meets again. I think everyone is getting used to it now and there is less on the chat. I’m glad because it was quite distracting at first. Today was a comprehension lesson, we took turns to read the text and Mrs Pawson went over the vocabulary and the questions. We did the work on our own band and even though I don’t particularly like comprehension I did well. 

After lunch I did some Nessy, because I struggle with spelling and I want to try and get better. Then we collected some sticks for a picture that we are making. We’re going to paint them in different shades of grey and blue and arrange them into a star shape.  Hopefully it will be nice enough to go in the dining room - my new office!

At playtime I had fun in the garden, unfortunately Sam, my brother, couldn’t join me because he was finishing off his work.

Our last lesson was 11+ VR with Mr Tucker. I like having different teachers because you get to see more people. It’s harder talking when you are on the computer but Mr Tucker made sure everyone joined in. I got a good result on the test so I am very happy. 

I quickly did my homework.  Mum is making me do it even though it isn’t compulsory, then I joined a Zoom ballet class. It’s good to be able to still do some of my dance classes but I miss going to the studio and seeing my friends.  For tea we had spaghetti bolognese. I helped prepare the peppers but I don’t like chopping onions because they make my eyes water.  

After tea we decided what to do for our family exercise.  Sometimes we walk but today we are going on a bike ride and I help to decide where we were going. On the cycle we saw Harriet and her family having a walk. I enjoy cycling and it’s even better when we are in lockdown because the roads are a lot quieter so they are a lot safer. We saw an amazing freshly ploughed field. It was perfect, the soil was as black as the night sky and the grass looked fluorescent green next to it.

Before I went to bed I had a yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows and we played Boggle. I won most of the games, yeah! 

Today was a great day.  Tomorrow I hope that the NHS staff and scientists can discover a cure for coronavirus and we can eventually get back to normal. 


Year 5

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