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☰ Dem Bones!

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Dem Bones!

Posted on November 29 2018

Dem Bones!

During the past term as part of the Science curriculum, Year 3 have been learning about their bodies and how amazing they are. Our class assembly seemed like the ideal opportunity to share all that they had learned with their parents.

The assembly began with some facts about the different types of skeletons animals can have, endo, exo and hydrostatic. A cleverly arranged song (thanks to Mrs. Elliot) to the tune of Old McDonald, was sung beautifully to explain this further.

Billy Bones, our trusted class skeleton, was used to demonstrate that Year 3 now know the scientific names of several bones and can locate them in our body.  This naturally led us to sing the toe-tapping song ‘Dem Bones’ which the children sang with great gusto whilst also showing some super dance moves. Some ‘Did you Know?’ facts astounded our audience with information about the smallest bones in our body and how we also all have a unique tongue print! 

Billy Bones finished our assembly with some skeleton related jokes...

"Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the party? Because he had no-body to dance with!"

All the children worked really hard to learn their lines and deliver them with great confidence and conviction demonstrating that they have learned so much about our ‘Amazing Bodies!’

Well done to you all, you were all AMAZING!!

Many thanks to everyone who came along to watch and support the Year 3 children.

Click here to see some photographs of rehearsals.

Mrs. Moores

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