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Just posted a photo https://t.co/ZKL4eEP3F3

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☰ Burwardsley Bound!

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Burwardsley Bound!

Posted on May 10 2018

Burwardsley Bound!

Last week Year 2 went on their residential trip to Burwardsley.  The trip was a great success.  All the children had an amazing time and behaved impeccably.  Here’s what they had to say.

‘First we put our bags on the coach. We went to the ice cream farm. We played for a bit and went to see some animals. There were chicks, pigs, horses, and Llamas it was fun and exciting. Mr Tucker bought us an ice cream it was delicious.’ (Aran)

‘Then we went to Burwardsley and they showed us around. Then we had a snack and a little play’ (Samuel)

‘We had our lunch; I had a cheese sandwich, crisps, flapjack and an apple.’ (Haytham)

After we got our pyjamas out and put them on our bed ready for the night-time.’ (Jacob)

‘Then we met Stella and we went up some steep hills and built some dens. Daniel and I built a small cool army den and we played in it.’ (Isaac)

‘In Team Dunham we made our den really quickly so we made our garden. We did a campfire with some seats, a fountain, a BBQ, a jacuzzi and a welcome mat’ (Lily)

‘Next we had dinner; you could have fish and chips or yummy meatballs. I choose yummy meatballs. They were really yummy. I ate it all. (Leo.N)

‘We did orienteering, you have map and look for hidden numbers and the numbers have a letter, then you make a word (William)

‘Next it was Willow Weaving, I worked with Mrs Lynn and I kept poking her with my willow!’ (Margaux)

‘We made a Willow Fish; you had to be quick because the willow dries very quickly’ (Matilda)

‘We made the tail first and then the body’ (Evie)

‘Then we had a massive campfire. We toasted marshmallows and they were very sticky but they were delicious. We sang the Bumble Bee Song. (Daniel)

‘After that Mr Tucker read us a story, he read us Timmy Tiptoes and The Singing Mermaid.’ (Sophie)

‘Then we had a nice rest and went to sleep’ (Anushka)

On Tuesday we woke up and brushed our teeth, then we got dressed and had breakfast, I had cornflakes.’ (Fabian)

Then we went pond dipping and I found a newt. (Nikhita)

We had a chart that told us what we had caught. Big Leo was an expert at finding newts! (Kara)

Then we did a bug hunt me and Nikhita looked for bugs together. They were hard to find and we didn’t get one for the race, but Stella gave us one. We raced the bug to see which was the fastest. (Amber)

We learnt about food chains then we had lunch outside. (Leo.Ns)

Finally it was time to go I was very sad and I can’t wait to go again (Lucas)


Click on the links below to see the photos of our trip.

Burwardsley 1

Burwardsley 2

Burwardsley 3

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