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Challenge Enrichment Day

Posted on July 06 2018

Challenge Enrichment Day

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To escape the room you must work out the code to decipher the title of this newsletter piece!

Then you might start to understand what the children were faced with last week during our Focus on Challenge Day!

One of our teaching and learning focus points this year has been to challenge our pupils, everyday, in all that they do. To enable them to use their critical analysis and problem solving skills by providing tasks and activities that tap into these areas. So to celebrate the success of this initiative we collectively held “Escape Room” activities last Monday. Escape rooms are fabulous to use in the classroom as they promote collaboration, inquiry and problem solving and critical thinking skills on top of being one of the most engaging activities for students.

All the way from EYFS to Year 6, all the children participated.  In Pre-Prep analysed, designed and built houses through sketching and hands on teamwork.  In Reception there was an alphabetical challenge with hidden clues and secret messages.  Year 4 took part in mathematical reasoning group games, the correct answers of which would provide them with a numbered key.  The keeper of the keys had to ensure the answers were correct and a final challenge enabled them to escape.  In Year 5 the children were trapped in the mummy’s tomb and had to fulfil many challenges, decipher codes using the rosetta stone, build pyramids and face the obelisks correctly and complete maths tasks or the tomb might have become their final resting place!

The air was full of discovery questions: I wonder why...? What happens if...? Why does…? Would you expect that…? I wonder where…?

A lot of enjoyment and unearthing of skills and processes took place that both enthralled and educated!

We wouldn't want you to miss out so have a go at some of these...

Q. Name the next letter in this sequence: J F M A M J J A S O N ?

Q. I'm an odd number. If you take away one of the letters in my name, I become even. What number am I?

Q. You have a 3-litre jug and a 5-litre jug. You need to measure out exactly 7 litres of water. How can you do it?


Click here to see some photographs from the day.

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