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Changing Times - Year 1 Topic Work

Posted on October 14 2016

As part of our History topic ‘Changes in Living Memory’, the children in Year 1 have been exploring the past and present.  We started off by reading a story from the past and identifying objects from the images that we don’t have any more and discussing them as a class.

We found out that toilets used to be outside and that houses didn’t have electricity.  Then, Mrs Williams kindly brought in some Victorian artefacts for us to look at, including a stone foot warmer and an old iron; Mrs Moores also let us borrow her Victorian dolly.

We then started to look at toys from the past.  We began by watching some videos of old toys in use such as: a jack in the box, rocking horse, dolls and toy cars.  We discussed what they were made of and if the toys we have now are similar or different.  The children then brought in one of their toys and some children brought in their mummy’s or daddy’s toys. Thank you for allowing them to do this, it really helped them to see the changes.  Each child gave the class lots of information about their toys, and enjoyed comparing them to others.

After the holidays we will be looking at a Victorian Christmas to carry on with our theme.

Miss Robinson

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