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Developing Writing in Reception

Posted on October 12 2017

The Foundation Stage curriculum is organised in six areas of learning but we need to be mindful that young children's learning is not compartmentalised. They learn best when they make connections between experiences and ideas that are related to aspects of their lives in the setting, at home and in the community. All the areas of learning contribute to children's developing ability to write.

Play is a key way children learn throughout the Foundation Stage. Through play, children can explore, develop and represent learning experiences and practise and build up ideas, concepts and skills. For example, when playing in this term’s topic role play area, ‘The Doctors Surgery / Vets,’ the children are encouraged to look at non-fiction texts, diagrams of labelled body parts, telephone notes, lists for first aid boxes, skeleton speech bubbles, emails and letters from patients and incorporate these into their play.  We aim to establish meaningful links with their other literacy learning. Having a purpose for writing, which is real and of interest to the children, will help them to understand why learning to write is important and will motivate them to write. We support and encourage children's early writing by valuing and celebrating children's developing and emergent writing and joining in with their play and developing their narratives.

Writing is modelled explicitly for a variety of purposes such as writing notes, completing registers, making lists, writing labels, directions, and responding to children's work. We work together to complete shared writing, retelling and refining texts and alter the provision to continue the development opportunities for the children's gross and fine motor skills.

Miss Taylor

Reception Teacher

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