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☰ Early Years Trip to Smithills Open Farm

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Early Years Trip to Smithills Open Farm

Posted on December 05 2019

Early Years Trip to Smithills Open Farm

After many happy years visiting Stockley Farm for Christmas we went on our first Early Years trip to Smithills Open Farm.  We were not disappointed!

As we got off the coach, the Smithills staff informed us they had a packed agenda ready for the children.

The day started with a tractor ride up a hill where the children were able to feed the animals, including donkeys and horses.  We then travelled to Pets’ Corner where the children were able to hold baby chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits.  Our guide Laura told us many interesting facts about the animals including how to keep them safe in our care.  We also met a two-week-old Shetland pony called Nelly.  It was then off to the barn for a much-needed rest and enjoyed our lovely packed lunch from Miss Beale. 

Our afternoon kicked off with individual donkey rides for all the children followed by a trip to the milking parlour where we watched the cows being milked.  The milk is collected into cylinders then fed into large tubes to the main tank.

As we headed back to the coach, we spotted a little elf who rang a special bell as she called us over.  The children could not believe Father Christmas had taken the time to come to the farm to meet them!  He even brought them all an early Christmas present!

After the excitement of meeting him, we went to meet the goats and llamas.  There was a big bucket of feed on the floor so we all had a turn at feeding the hungry (and very greedy) goats!

This truly was a fantastic and magical fun-filled day for the children and I am sure they will be talking about it for some time.

Click here to see some photos from our trip.

Mrs Smith

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