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☰ Eggsplosion in Year 2!

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Eggsplosion in Year 2!

Posted on September 30 2016

The excitement is mounting as we rapidly approach ‘Day 21’ of the incubation of 10 Lavender Araucana’s and 10 Buff Orpington’s.

Our 20 fertilised eggs have been in their incubator with automatic turner for approximately 18 days, so hopefully we will witness some hatching on Monday! Mr Booth visited last Wednesday with a candling light to observe the developing chicks; he confirmed we had 11 that were developing well. Since his visit we have had an eventful time, on Monday we lost one Buff Orpington and then another on Wednesday. Despite the losses we are still confident that we have a full house of Lavender Araucana’s. The children are now reporting little bashing and scratching noises from inside the incubator. They have also observed the eggs move around under the force of the developing chick.


The Year 2 children can’t wait for the actually hatching; we all look forward to holding a chick in our hands and presenting them to the rest of the school.

We are now waiting on our brooder box complete with heat light, bedding, feed and waterer to allow the children easy observation and access to the chicks when they have hatched. We can’t wait to invite you in to the classroom to meet our new friends.

It touches everyone’s heart to see a chick hatching no matter how young or old you are!

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