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Pre-Prep took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine this morning and enjoyed their ICT lesson with Mrs Carrasco outsid…

Today, Soren delivered a fantastic presentation to his classmates about Iranian New Year! 🎉

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Every Child is an Artist

Posted on November 12 2020

Every Child is an Artist

Art is an excellent way to express our emotions and communicate non verbally. It can help us to show and share compassion to others, relax, have fun, as well as learn new techniques!

Therefore what better way to honour Remembrance Day. Following the comprehension work the children had completed to get a deeper understanding. The children went on to create a sponge print of a poppy flower. The children thought carefully about the symbolic shape and colour of the poppy and how it differs from other petals. The print work was created on a black and white background made up of old photos of service men and women. This created a powerful and meaningful impact to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women, in the two World Wars and later conflicts.  

Furthermore, Year 2’s favourite lesson of the week brought them further joy and pleasure as they honed their skills as mini ‘Jackson Pollock’s’, creating Firework inspired pictures alongside a brightly illuminated splattered London cityscape. The children learnt that Jackson Pollock was an American painter that specialised in abstract art. He was known for his technique of pouring or splashing paint onto a paper on the floor rather than an easel. This enabled him to view and paint his canvases from angles. The children were taught how to hold the paint brush to enable it to be ‘tapped’ to create the famous Jackson Pollock ‘splatter’.

To see more of their artwork, please click here.
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