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☰ Extreme Fun in Conwy!

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Extreme Fun in Conwy!

Posted on May 14 2015

Year 5 and 6 showed just how talented they are on our recent excursion to Conwy.  The children worked brilliantly together in a whole array of challenges, pushing their individual skills to the limit and achieving success with every step.

The week started with adventure.  As soon as we arrived, the children were split into their pirate teams. Throughout the week, each team  took part in a variety of activities, gorge walking, coasteering, climbing a rock face, abseiling and an obstacle course.  These challenges allowed the children to refine and develop many important life skills such as, team work, decision making and communication skills.  Not only did each individual show their capability but, as a whole team, they impressed the adults.  Pro-Active Adventure could not believe the manners, team work and effort each child applied especially against the cold damp harshness of the weather.  Clive Richley, the area co-ordinator of Pro-Active, mentioned that his staff were impressed with the pupils throughout the week.  Jonah, an instructor, said it was not like work, it was all fun due to the children’s brilliant attitudes and impeccable manners.

To enable us to reward such good behaviour; the children gathered together each night, sharing the day’s adventures, allowing the teachers to award captain of the day and other awards for achievements. These achievements were collated as a group and we surprised the children with a trip to Alton Tower’s theme park on the last day, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

The entire week was packed with fun, adventure and more importantly educational experiences which  fully engaged the children.  We are very proud of all the children at Forest Park but a special congratulations is required to our current Year 5 and 6’s, for a successful residential.  Well done Year 5 and 6!

Click here to see some more photos of our trip.

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