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Posted on July 16 2015

This time in our Alumni update, Mr Dyson visits Zara, at her new school in Bolton, where he was welcomed to visit the classrooms and meet Zara’s new teachers. 

What was your transition like from primary to secondary school?

It’s been fine, I’ve made lots of new friends and the skills I gained from Forest Park Prep, I have used which have given me a head start!  At Forest Park Prep, we did lots of transition talks to prepare me for the move, the lessons gave me an idea of what to expect. Luckily, most of what we spoke about I have been involved with, in some way or another.

What skills have you transferred from Forest Park Prep to your secondary school?

Definitely my social skills, I have made so many new friends especially through my sports. I played for the girl’s football team at Forest Park Prep and I have carried the skills I learnt, into my PE sessions at Bolton.

Have you made lots of friends?

Yes, I have made lots of friends, I remember you telling me to be brave, be the one to speak first and talk about what I am interested in. The girl I spoke with, on my first day, is now a really good friend.

You were always very sporty, so which sports have you carried on with?

I still do athletics and lots of running, netball and lacrosse. I am looking at some new sports to take part in, such as basketball. Recently, my form won an interschool competition in badminton, which was fun.

What are your favourite subjects at school?

My favourite subject has to be Science at the moment, because of the experiments we have been doing. I remember lessons with Mrs Carrasco some of which we have talked about at school.

So are you happy now you are at your new school?

Yes, I am very happy, I am enjoying this school as much as I did Forest Park Prep, although I do miss the teachers.


Thank you Zara, for making feel so welcome, as it was wonderful to see you again and hear about how well you are doing here at Bolton School. Stay in touch.


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