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Posted on October 14 2016

Continuing are question and answer sessions with Forest Park alumin, this week we meet Martha.

Where do you currently go to school?

I go to Altrincham Grammar School for Girls


What were your roles of responsibility at Forest Park Prep?

I was a Prefect and House Captain.


Were you a member of any sports team?

I was a member of the rounder’s and water polo teams – it was great fun to be part of team.


Did you take part in any music?

I learnt to play the piano whilst at FPPS.


What house were you in?

I was in Moreton – go the ‘Blues’!


What skills have you transferred from Forest Park Prep to your secondary school?

I learnt how to successfully interact with lots of different people.


What was your overriding memory of Forest Park Prep?

Absolutely without a doubt, the Residential!


What was your transition like from primary to secondary school?

I found the transition fine as I had lots of support from friends, family and teachers.


Have you made lots of friends?

Oh yes, I’ve made lots of new friends, they are great!


What are your favourite subjects at school?

My favourite subjects are maths, Spanish and religious studies.


Which sports have you carried on with?

I have carried on with dance – I practically live there!


Do you enjoy your new school, what are your favourite parts?

I love my new school and the people there; it couldn’t be any better.


What was it like returning to Forest Park Prep?

It was really nice returning to FPPS because I saw all my old friends – we couldn’t stop talking, it was so much fun.


What was your favourite memory or experience whilst at Forest Park Prep?

Writing and being a part of our Leavers Assembly and the residential holidays in Year 5 and 6 – these are memories I will always remember.


Is there any advice you can share that will help the Year 6 children, when moving on to their new secondary schools?

Remember to stay in groups and don’t be scared to ask for advice. There are a lot of people at AGGS, but usually they are friendly and helpful.

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