Just posted a photo https://t.co/FeWMHy7AOo

Just posted a photo https://t.co/ZKL4eEP3F3

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☰ Fred the Ted's Scientific Adventure

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Fred the Ted’s Scientific Adventure

Posted on June 30 2015

Fred could not believe how much fun science could be.  It all began in the hall when the Mad Science team showed Fred and the children a variety of exploding and expanding experiments.  The children and Fred enjoyed the show and could not wait to start their individual experiments.

After the assembly, the children were split up into different groups, named after famous scientists. Fred continued his adventure and walked around the school to the different classrooms where he discovered the children exploring different aspects of science whilst having lots of fun.

Mr Dyson explored air resistance with the children making parachutes.

Miss Robinson used a Black UV torch to discover which substances react to the light.

Mr Dodd and Mr King looked at energy transfer having lots of fun with basket balls and tennis balls.

Mrs Hewitt’s experiment had the children mixing oil with lots of different colours to learn about liquid separation.   

Fred the Ted and the children had a fantastic day full of excitement, fun and lots of experiments.  They learned much about science on the way.

Miss Killian allowed children to create their own invisible ink, writing secret messages to each other.  

Mrs Moores showed children the magic of liquid, specifically salt water, making objects float.

Miss Booth tested the children’s self-control as they had to build a structure with fluffy marshmallows. 

Click here to see some photos from the day.

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