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☰ Reception Meet the Aliens!

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Reception Meet the Aliens!

Posted on January 18 2019

Reception Meet the Aliens!

Reception's new topic 'Space' has inspired the curiosity and creativity of the whole class. To get the children excited about writing we aim to ensure it is purposeful, links to their interests and inspires their imaginations and questioning.

With this objective in mind, the class moulded and shaped playdough to create their own ideas of what an alien might look like, with inspiration from ‘Here Come the Aliens’ by Collin McNaughton. The children then described and discussed their alien characters. The next step is for the children to develop these ideas further and use their creations to support further communication and writing opportunities.

Having a purpose for writing, which is real and of interest to children, helps them to understand why learning to write is important and can ultimately motivate them to write. They also need someone to provide a model as a writer and to respond as a reader to their early attempts at writing.

Take a look at their aliens and what they had to say about them.


“Frankie and Dankie. They can attach to each other and the tail attaches to its friend and it can go on roads. They run super-fast faster than racing cars. It’s a luggage and the back and the front it has four eyes. Two eyes are buried. It speaks inky ponk language.”


“It is a flying alien, flying alien! And he’s called Eye Eye and he’s called Hairy. He is called Flumpy. He has lots of names. I don’t remember that’s his name. Golden flying power, that’s it.”


“Its name Love. It’s a very kind alien and it always lets people go to my made up planet. It has lots of eyes, seven! And it has 1, 2, 3 hairs and it is never leaving its friends because it doesn’t want to go back to its mummy. It moves with teeny weeny feet. It goes very slowly.”


“Mine has spikes and it can sting and has two tails. It has four eyes. It’s an evil alien and its name is Bong-gong.”


“It has loads of hands and feet. It’s friendly and the pomp poms are to look out for danger.”


“Eleanor. He walks like this. Like a snail. Many eyes, eight! House. It can be big and small. Can put her in the invisible, disappears.”


“Google Eyes is its name. It’s got ten legs. It tips from side to side to walk.”


“This is the baby and mummy one. The mummy has two zips so they don’t get cold, it’s a cold planet. All the moon stays all day. So it doesn’t get warm.”


“It has a beak and the legs are pointing to the sky. It has wings that fly high.”


“It has a name, Halloclean alien. It has spikes and it moves and flies and then stops flying. It’s evil because it’s kind to people. It makes them love.”


“It has six eyes and it has a tail with an eye on it, And a red horn. It move it’s horn and it tail then it goes and flies.”


“It has wings and it has a head. It has two legs and moves upside down. It is called Viking!”


“It has 2 eyes. It has spiky hair. It has one nose that smells.”


“Asscanascasos! It does a flip in the air. It has an angry face, three eyes and it’s really big with big legs, five legs!”


“It’s a baby alien with spots on it. It can crawl around. It has three eyes and two ears so it can hear. It’s a cry baby and she’s very kind.”


“It has an eye in its mouth. It has a moustache and a dangerous pom and if anyone touches the pom-pom they explode. It has two eyes. It’s called Felociraptor.”


“Rapunzel is its name. It can walk on climbing frames. It can walk on houses and can hug teddies. It’s nice because it makes good friends by telling them her name. The two pipe cleaners are hair it has two eyes it has powers, sticky feet powers. They can do anything.”


“He’s called Buggle Buggle. He can eat other aliens at the same time he can’t see them because they are so tiny. He has so big spikes they can get food out of other aliens. And they are so long.”


“When you touch the blue bit it will hit your tummy. The brown bit kills your head. When the mouth comes out the tongue comes out. It moves with its two legs. It’s a friendly alien but sometimes it be bad and sometimes and sometimes be good.”


“It’s called Rapunzel. She can swim and she speaks gobble gobble language. She can hold hands. She looks like a head and she has hair. She is friendly because she is nice.”


“Mine walks and talks like la la. He’s name is Beebee. These antennas can stick and set traps as well. The mouth when the tongue goes out, a space man appears!”

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