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☰ I Robot in Year 5

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I Robot in Year 5

Posted on January 30 2019

I Robot in Year 5

For the last few weeks, every Thursday, we have had an ICT workshop with Matt from City in the Community. 

Our first task was to divide ourselves into five teams, each having the exciting responsibility of making a Scorebot.

We constructed the robots from what looked like Lego Technics.  Once we had built them the fun began!  Everyone was very enthusiastic.

The purposes of building the robots were:  we learnt how to work as a team; how to code correctly and that how it was ok to make mistakes.   We had to download an app called Jimu onto the tablets which meant we could control our robots.   

Our next task was to put our impeccable controlling skills to the test by playing two-a-side football matches with our robots. 

We are already very excited about our next lesson, as we will be developing our technical skills further by making our robots do a straightforward course from just a simple push of a button.

I have really enjoyed building the robots as have my classmates.  I personally think everyone will be sad when the workshop has ended as we have really enjoyed it and developed our problem-solving skills in computing.

Max, Year 5

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