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☰ Year 4 Explore The Iron Man

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Year 4 Explore The Iron Man

Posted on January 17 2019

Year 4 Explore The Iron Man

Year 4 have started exploring The Iron Man by Ted Hughes in their English work. Over the next few weeks, the children will be working towards creating their own fictional text based on this novel.

In an unnamed rural town, a young boy called Hogarth comes across an iron head whilst fishing in a local stream. The head is as big as a bedroom with eyes that flashed blue, amber and red, and is later discovered to belong to the Iron Man. The Iron Man starts off his adventure on a cliff top that peers over a beach in this quiet town. Unwittingly, he steps from the cliff top and tumbles onto the rocks and sand on the beach below where his body is broken into several pieces. However, you would be mistaken if you thought that this was the end of the tale. The Iron Man returns and Hogarth makes it his mission to get the town to raise the alarm and keep safe. When the adults hear of his tales they want to trap, destroy and declare war on the Iron Man as they fear he is a dangerous threat. It is Hogarth’s attentiveness and care for the Iron Man that helps to save the Earth in its final hour of need when it becomes prey to an enormous bat-angel creature from space that threatens to devour every living thing on the planet. At the end of the story, we learn that the space creature is actually a star spirit of peace, tempted by the greed it sees when it lands on the planet. It becomes destined to fly around the earth every night at the behest of the Iron Man and sing to the people of Earth until they too no longer want to war with their neighbour but live in peace.

So far, the children have explored the appearance of the Iron Man in relation to the vocabulary and descriptions provided in the text. The children then worked collaboratively to infer what he might look like. After referring to the BBC animation for inspiration, the children created their own chalk drawing of the Iron Man’s head. Additionally, they have considered the different writing techniques used within the novel and have created a performance to retell the story using actions alone.

The children are thoroughly enjoying the topic and embracing all of the challenges being thrown their way. We look forward to reading all of the amazing pieces of writing that they will be creating.

Miss Holt & Mrs. Carrasco

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