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Just posted a photo https://t.co/ZKL4eEP3F3

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Is Anybody Out There?

Posted on April 02 2015

Is There Anybody Out There?

This term, Year 1 and 5 have been studying space.  To enrich this learning and to consolidate all their acquired knowledge, the two year groups took a trip to the impressive visitors centre at Jodrell Bank, home of the massive Lovell telescope. As we approached the facility, the looming shape of the dish-like telescope filled the landscape and all the teachers had to switch off their mobile ‘phones.  A sense of excitement and anticipation filled the coach…we were somewhere special!  Were we going to discover that there were alien life forms out there?

What a jam packed day the children had!  They were able to wander through the exhibitions in the Space Pavilion and Planet Pavilion using the provided worksheets to focus their attentions on the incredibly interesting displays and interactive presentations.  Here, the children learned all about the Big Bang, meteorites, how telescopes work and radio waves.  They explored our place in the universe with the clockwork Orrery and discovered the size of our own solar system, the scale of the Milky Way and the extent of the universe using the interactive games.

Each year group enjoyed a hands-on, investigative workshop. Year 1 made rockets and dressed as astronauts and Year 5 enjoyed a number of small experiments.  These included measuring light from different distances and discovering how gravity affects objects on different planets.

We all got up-close to the mighty Lovell telescope and followed the planet walk, but I think the most enjoyable experience by far was the time we all spent in the inflatable planetarium.  The night sky came to life and the constellations were projected first as a beautiful starlit sky, then connected by lines and finally as the most amazing illustrations of Gemini, Orion etc.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their time at Jodrell Bank, as did the teachers! We left with a sense of fulfilment and that our learning was solidified but still wondering…is there anybody OUT THERE?

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