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☰ Jingle joins Reception!

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Jingle joins Reception!

Posted on December 01 2016

The most exciting box arrived on Mrs Bishop’s desk this week…a delivery from the North Pole!

The box contained one of Santa’s many helpers who make this holiday season special – a scout elf! Santa’s scout elves serve as his eyes and ears in homes and schools around the world.  This elf has come to stay with the children in Reception, who have named him ‘Jingle’.

However this is no ordinary elf.  He uses elf speech and he is always watching to see if we are following our class golden rules. He shows particular interest in the kites Reception use to help with behaviour and is very keen to take this idea back to Santa.

This elf recognises that not every family celebrates Christmas, so he often requests to learn about other festivals he has heard take place at Forest Park such as Diwali or Eid. He is very keen for children to make the winter holiday season a fun and happy season.

However, elf is not the A grade student Santa believes he is. He has a habit of getting up to mischief and playing tricks on Reception.  Some tricks have included hiding items, taping himself to walls and generally making a mess.

He has also recently been spotted looking out of the window, attending nativity rehearsals, spying on Mr Tucker and observing the lunch staff to make sure Reception get extra puddings.

The loveliest element of our elf is the fact that the children are not quite sure if he is real. If any scout elves appear in your house over the holiday season perhaps they could join forces with our elf to plan some silly antics?

Obviously this is all above board and Miss Killian, Mr Higinbotham and Miss Hodkin haven't been online looking at Pinterest for ideas!

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