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☰ MCFC Disability Awareness Course

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MCFC Disability Awareness Course

Posted on October 12 2017

This week the children in Year 5 took part in a disability awareness workshop, run by City in the Community.  

The children kicked off with a girls against boys quiz, this was to assess their current understanding of disabilities. The children then went on to play a lipreading game, where one child had to mime a footballers name and the other person had to figure out the players name. This was to emulate people with a hearing disorder.

Following this dramatic introduction, the children played a few warm up games where the groups emulated a verbal impairment. The group had to organise themselves into height order without talking to all! They managed to achieve this in a very respectable 1minute 28 seconds.

Outside, the children played blind football they were put into pairs and had to guide one another using only sound around the playground. Then the children had to dribble a football that is used in the competitive sport of blind football. It is one of the hardest sports to compete in.

In the hall, the children were introduced to the rules of the Forest Park International Sit Down Volleyball tournament. The teams were named PSG, Barcelona, Bayen Munich and Real Madrid. The competition certainly heated up with the strict rules of no catching, no leaving your bottom and no back chatting the referee. The game helps raise awareness of the cerebral palsy.

The day was a huge learning curve jampacked with competitive knowledge and engagement and lots of fun was had by all. 


Annie ‘It’s really helped me understand and learn how sports are adapted for disabled people to enjoy themselves ’

Ayanna ‘I’ve learned how paralympians proceed in life’

Vincent ‘PK2 was a brilliant coach’

Jasmine ‘I learned that disabled can do amazing things!’

Marians ‘I enjoyed the sports, I learnt a lot about disability’

Anika ‘You can still take part in sport, even if you have a disability’

Ayan ‘It's great to know that people with disability still play competitive sports and have lots of fun!’


A huge thank you to Paul Kelly at City in the Community and The ‘One City’ program. Paul has extended this awareness course, now delivering it to 100 schools after starting it just two years ago with 4!

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