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☰ Mindful Moments Enhance Awareness and Well-Being

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Mindful Moments Enhance Awareness and Well-Being

Posted on May 14 2019

Mindful Moments Enhance Awareness and Well-Being

This week in school, we have been participating in the #MindfulMoment2019 event. The event has provided us with fifteen minutes of daily mindfulness activities that have allowed the children to develop their understanding of the practice and the beneficial skills that are associated with it, such as mental health and wellbeing.

Many believe that mindfulness is a relaxation technique that focuses on achieving calmness and concentration. Whilst this is one area of mindfulness, effective mindfulness practice should teach children about the mind and develop different qualities of awareness - such as resilience, openness, empathy, attention, curiosity and care.

In order to be mindful, your mind needs time to think about the here and now - to be present. This means that during mindfulness practice, the aim is to not think about what has happened in the past and not worry about things that might happen in the future, but be aware of thoughts and feelings that are present in that particular moment. By allowing the children to experience this, they have slowly started to develop their ability to be mindful and more aware of thoughts, feeling, and conscience. With continuous practice, they will later learn how to apply these strategies and techniques into their daily lives and routines.

The #MindfulMoment2019 event provided activities that developed their mindful breathing, focus, listening, and self-awareness. The children have worked really hard and put in lots of effort when completing the activities to really ensure that they are open to the experience and willing to learn. This positive attitude has been lovely to see and we feel very proud of them all.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this event and taking time out of our normal classroom practice to do something a little different! Some Year 4 students have said how they felt calmer and more peaceful after taking part in the exercises. Many said that they thought the activities were fun and made them think a little deeper about things that they wouldn’t normally focus on.  

Well done Forest Park! A fantastic #Mindfulmoment2019 week.  

Miss Holt

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