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☰ Miss Robinson's Trip to Kenya

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Miss Robinson’s Trip to Kenya

Posted on November 09 2018

Miss Robinson’s Trip to Kenya

After hearing so much about the amazing work Greenfields Africa do in Kenya and other parts of the world I jumped at the chance to join Barbara and Brian Hatton (Trustees of Greenfields Africa) in Kenya to see how they have supported the village of Virhembe in Kakamega over the past 7 years.

Greenfields first opened a small clinic that is now a level 3 hospital with a male and female ward, maternity ward, delivery suite, pharmacy, and doctors. There are over 30 members of staff at the hospital who work 24 hours to provide help and support to the members of the local village. Adults and children walk miles to be able to use the services provided at the hospital. Greenfields Africa created an outreach programme to treat sick children in primary and secondary schools. After hearing about how poor the schools are in Kakamega and that the children need to provide their own pens and pencils in order to attend school, myself and Mrs. Moores discussed that we could donate pencil cases filled with resources to hand out to schools in the local area so that the children wouldn’t miss out on gaining an education.

The first school we visited only had 25 children across 2 classes aged between 4 and 6. The school was dark and the teachers wrote on the walls with chalk, the children had tiny pencils and wrote on scraps of newspaper. We went to the nearest supermarket and bought all the children in the school exercise books and gave them some of the pencils from the pencil cases. The children and teachers were overjoyed with their gifts. The second school we visited is where we distributed the rest of the pencil cases. The children had never seen such amazing gifts and they put a smile on everyone's faces, they were so grateful. In the third school, we treated sick children and gained a better insight into the running of a Kenyan school. The children were eating their lunch, boiled flour and water, this was some children’s main meal or only meal of the day.  Most children didn’t have shoes, wore parts of school uniform that were torn or missing buttons and they were playing with a football made from old rags.

Visiting Kenya was a hard but wonderful experience and the feeling you get when you see the smile on the children’s faces brings a tear to your eye. I have loved sharing photographs and knowledge with the children and I hope the children realise what an amazing thing they have done and how much they have supported a child in Kenya through school.  

“On behalf of Greenfields Africa, we would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone at Forest Park for donating their pencil cases to schools in Kenya. The primary school children in the village of Virhembe in the Kakamega rainforest were absolutely delighted with their good fortune. They were so grateful and will treasure their gifts, as it will certainly be the best present, if not the only one, they have ever received.”

Barbara and Brian Hatton - Trustees of Greenfields Africa

Once again thank you for your continued support.

Miss Robinson

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