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☰ Our Amazing Bodies

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Our Amazing Bodies

Posted on December 07 2020

Our Amazing Bodies

This term Year 3 have been covering the topic ‘Our Amazing Bodies’ as part of their science lessons.

During this topic the children have been thinking about many areas including having a healthy diet (the different food groups), the different skeletons of animals, and the functions of a skeleton and how the different joints in our bodies help us move as well as our mighty muscles.

Billy Bones, our resident human skeleton, was on (boney) hand to help the children gain a better idea of the names of bones and they are now experts, to even say the scientific names of many bones.

The children enjoyed creating their own new vertebrate animal explaining how it moves, eats and protects itself, giving their creature some very imaginative names!

They have worked incredibly hard learning many new concepts and vocabulary to further their understanding of the importance of the right type and amount of nutrition as well as the functions of skeletons and muscles. 

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