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PHSE Curriculum Day

Posted on March 03 2017

PSHE Enrichment Day (Personal, Health, Social and Emotional Development)

Community Links and British Values

We had our first PSHE Enrichment Day this term as part of our PSHE focus in raising the children’s awareness of how this is taught within school and the local community. 


Our Tuesday assembly began with Mr Tucker sharing our recent pupil survey promoting the value of democracy; the children recently participated and shared, with the help of a friend, their honest feelings about how we as a school community are currently doing and what changes they would like to see.  Miss Killian said “Mr Tucker demonstrated how well the children’s voice is paramount at Forest Park as he told the children how he implemented their idea to have a new playground”.  Miss Killian invited children to share their leaf pledges of how they wish to support the school and local community.

We welcomed visiting speakers beginning with Sale Fire Service who gave a fantastic assembly demonstrating their important role within our local community.  They even set Mr Tucker the challenge to try on some fire fighter clothing and appliances and attempt to walk.  His attempt at a fire sensory walk received great feedback from the pupils who felt “Mr Tucker would keep us safe in an emergency”.

Pre-Prep Fire Service Workshop

Pre-Prep were treated to a fire engine workshop where they were given the opportunity to learn about a range of hoses and have a go at spraying the Year 5 windows.  They were asked if they would share their experience with other classes to encourage them to visit the fire station on open days with family or as a school trip.  Sale Fire Service were so impressed with the standard of behaviour at Forest Park that they even requested to come back and train us on other aspects of PSHE including using a defibrillator.

So What Happened On Our Actual PSHE Enrichment Day?

Teachers and pupils continued to build on their understanding of both PSHE and British values and how our links with the community is just one aspect of how we can develop in this subject area.


Prep-Prep and Reception joined together to promote the British value of democracy as Pre-Prep shared their recent topic with a reception talk partner on the subject of ‘People Who Help Us’.   Mrs Richardson said “It is great to see how inspired Reception are and to see them ask the Pre-Prep children questions to gain a further insight into their knowledge.  Reception then spent time teaching Pre-Prep how to record ideas through drawing and writing of aspects of the EYFS environment they may like to improve.  EYFS staff have listened to their views and are working on developing these areas with the pupil’s support.

Year 1

Mrs Chebaro and the pupils were treated to a talk about artefacts and museums by Mrs Keating.  They were also so inspired by her talk that they extended their learning to write a thank you card explaining about their own special artefacts they had found.  They were very keen to promote the British value of democracy sharing their views and opinions.  Miss Robinson on return from being poorly said “I can’t believe how knowledgeable the children are and this will certainly have a positivity impact on our day to day learning”.

Year 2

Mrs Lynn and the pupils had a great day actively focusing on the British value of democracy as they assessed how to cross the road outside school and within the community safely.

Year 3

Mrs Moores and the pupils took an interest in the charity work our school does and used Mrs Moores knowledge of local charities to think about ways we can help those families and individuals who are less fortunate than ourselves.  They even have plans to collect unwanted items for a charity shop that they used the British value of democracy to vote on.

Year 4

Mrs Hewitt and the pupils showed a great interest in medical services within the community and focused on the British value of individual liberty.  During the day, they debated whether it is important for people to be able to access free medical help and even touched on issues often seen in the media currently affecting the NHS including patient waiting times.  They debated why some countries do not put wellbeing as their number one priority and why a person’s social status seems to make a difference in some parts of the word as to how much help they can receive.

Year 5

Mrs Carrasco and the children were keen to look at the British value of tolerance and mutual respect as we learn about a lot of cultures and traditions at Forest Park.  They planned a range of activities to consider the role of parents at Forest Park and how it is crucial to not just consider British values in Britain, but also compare the values of other countries and their own families.  Mrs Carrasco was spotted prior to the day researching the pupils request to plan a more ongoing PSHE input with a little help from the Twinkl website. Staff said “Year 5 have inspired us to not be afraid to openly discuss British values and allow the children to enjoy having ownership on their learning and follow their leading in acknowledging big issues in the wider community”.

Year 6

Miss Booth and the children were treated to a talk by Mr Partington on law, incorporating the British value, rule of law, through role play.  They said “Mr Partington has inspired us to understand more about careers in legal services”.

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