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☰ Practical Science in Year 2

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Practical Science in Year 2

Posted on January 20 2017

This half term, we have started a new science topic called ‘Materials Matter’.  Over the last few weeks, the children in Year 2 have become keen scientists and taken part in different investigations.  The first week, we were testing the absorbency of paper towels.  Mrs Lynn’s cat keeps knocking over glasses of water and the children were set with the task of planning an experiment to help me decide which paper towel to buy.  We discussed the meaning of absorbency and then planned two experiments, the pipette puddle and the drip test.  After learning about a fair test, we tested six different types of paper towel (kindly donated by the teachers!) and discovered that ‘Nicky’ and ‘Thirst Pockets’ were the most absorbent.  The children found out ‘Nicky’ absorbed over four hundred drops of water before dripping through!

This week, the children were testing the hypothesis ‘hard materials are not absorbent.’

We considered this statement and decided to test wood, brick, stone, metal, glass and plastic.  The children found out that the brick, wood and stone did absorb some water but the other materials were completely waterproof.

We are looking forward to more exciting science lessons.  Perhaps you could try some experiments at home!

Click here to view more pictures of our 'Materials Matter' topic work.

Mrs Lynn

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