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Humourous Humanities

Posted on June 21 2018

Humourous Humanities

Year 5 Geography

This term in geography we have been learning about...[deep voice]...EXTREME WEATHER.  The many types of extreme weather include blizzards, tropical storms, floods, hail storms, tornadoes and lightning. We would like to share some of our favourite weather types:

Tornadoes are formed when warm air is circulating upwards towards the base of the storm clouds. Tornadoes can reach  upto 300MPH and can be 1 kilometre wide. They destroy everything in their path... SERIOUSLY!


Floods carry the largest death toll. Floods are more common near tropical places but they can occur anywhere on Earth. They are one of the biggest natural disasters on Earth. It happens when there is more rainfall than usual.


A tsunami is one of the world’s most destructive forces. When the water is deep a tsunami wave is only about one meter high, but as the water gets shallow the waves can rise to 35 meters high. The wavelength of a tsunami determines how far inland it could travel. A tsunami could reach up to 1000km! It can wipe out whole villages and swallow up islands!

Fun Facts

  1. A heatwave in 2003 turned grapes into raisins before they were picked from the vine.

  2. Lightning often follows a volcanic eruption.

  3. A hurricane in Florida USA caused 900 captive pythons to escape.

Comments about the topic:

“I liked finding out what the different weathers are and what they can do .” Darcy

“I really enjoyed this topic. My favourite weather was hail storms.” Megan

“This topic was interesting to learn about. My favourite weather was lightning.” Ayanna.

Year 5 History

This term in history, we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks or as we like to call them the ‘Groovy Greeks’!

They came from a place in Greece called Athens, and referred to themselves as ‘Athenians’. We started off learning about ancient greek democracy. We discovered that only rich men were allowed to vote, we were shocked to find out that even poor men couldn’t!

We used our historical discovery skills to research the gods and goddesses believed to exist by the Ancient Greeks. We were all fascinated by the king of all their gods - Zeus. He was said to be the god of the sky and had the power to transform his shape. Zeus was seen as powerful, strong and unpredictable, causing his temper to affect the weather.

We all found it interesting that Hades, Zeus’s brother, had a three headed dog just like in Harry Potter!

The Ancient Greeks also invented the OLYMPICS starting in 776 BC! Although, the women were not allowed to participate...until 1900! However women weren’t so lucky when it came to politics, as despite being the birthplace of democracy it wasn't until 1952 that women were allowed to vote in Greece!

Comments about the topic:

Anika exclaimed, “I liked learning about the olympics!”

“I found it interesting learning about the democracy and I didn’t know that poor men weren’t allowed to vote.” commented Lilia,

Mariam mentioned, “I loved learning about the gods and goddesses!”

“I thought this was a very interesting topic!” noted Ellie

Annie remarked, “I loved learning about what the gods ruled and how they affected the lifestyle of the Ancient Greeks.”

“I loved learning about this topic and learning about the gods and goddesses was especially good!” stated Esme


By Annie, Anika, Esme, Emily, Imogen and Lilia

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