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Step Back in Time

Posted on February 09 2018

Step Back in Time

This half term Year 6 have created a fantastic clasroom display as part of the World War II topic work in History.

As part of the topic the children were asked to imagine they were an evacuee from a city, who has been billeted with a family in the countryside.

Task:  Write a letter home to your parents describing your experience so far. Make sure you organise your letter into sensible paragraphs and that you keep related information together.

Here is Zoe’s letter.


18th January

Dear Mother and Father,

Life in evacuation is extremely different to being at home. I really miss you and I hope I will see you soon. Can you constantly hear bombs going off? Are our neighbours, friends and family ok?

Despite my worries, there are a few positives about being an evacuee: my family are really loving and caring, but their daughter seems quite dark and lonely, although I have tried to include her in our games, the family are looking after five evacuees, my sisters and me, along with two other children – one of whom has a cousin in my class!

I have made a friend called Opal who is really friendly and kind. I intend to write to you every week and explain what’s going on. Although I do feel very safe, I did recently have a vivid dream where I woke up and bombs were going off – I really hope that doesn’t happen!

What’s going on at home? Are the cats alright? I hope the war ends soon so that I can come home again. I caught a glimpse of the news when I was collecting Madame Hager’s post but I would really like to know what’s going on politically.

Another thing to keep me entertained is my diary. I am writing a journal so that maybe people in the future will learn a lot from it. What will happen if we lose the war? Will the Nazis take over our country?

Lots of love from




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