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☰ I Can & I Will...Watch Me!

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I Can & I Will…Watch Me!

Posted on May 10 2018

I Can & I Will…Watch Me!

Dobroyd Castle saw the Nobles and Serfs of Royal Forest Park take on the challenges of body and mind with victorious superior power!  Sir Tucker proudly stated that ‘All have earnt thay place with honour ...developing confidence, cooperation, problem solving and communication skills that any knight would be proud of!’

Here’s what the children had to say…

Elfa - ‘Even if you’re scared, we gave it our all and that is our best!’

Joe - ‘I want to do the piranha pool again and again so I can jump in the freezing cold water to help save everyone!’

Vincent - Whilst canoeing stated ‘this is the life!’ Followed by ‘Live your moment’ before zipwire.

Ronjay - During rock climbing “you can and you will do it Mehar!”

Mariam - ‘Look at the giraffe and stand up!’

Jenna - "Arghhhhhh" *as she went down the zip line.

Josh & Archie - ‘We loved the giant swing and zip wire!’

Korede - I conquered my fear of heights on the giant swing and was first then to do the trapeze.’

Arjun - I loved solving the mysteries of the dungeon of doom!’

Mehar- "The zip wire was my favourite, I beat Mr H!"

Jasmine - "The nightline was fun because you couldn't see where you were going and the squirrels weed on you."

Chirag - "The zip line was scary but really fun and fast."

Ben - "The trapize was my favourite because you got to climb up high then jump off."

Ellie - "The zip wire was the best part because it was really fun."

Esme - "The caves were really good because we all got scared."

Rucheer - "Being blinded by the nightline."

Ayan - "Meeting Huw because he is really pleasant and good at accents."

Ayanna - "The zip line was my favourite because it was really REALLY FUN!"

Izzy - ‘I’m most proud of surviving the Piranha Pool and loved supporting Lexi overcome her fears on the canoe...she was amazing’

Chi-Yan and Lexi - ‘Just have a go!’

Megan - ‘Just grab your moment and just hang in there.’

Joe - ‘I’m not afraid of Piranhas ... I’ll just jump in and save you!’

Elfa - 'Just forget the negatives and have fun!’

Lexi - ‘I’ll give it a go!’

Anika - 'In Robinwood there’s  lots mud, In Robinwood there’s a tonne of fun.'

Ayanna - 'Robinwood - it’s the best place ever!'

Darcy - ‘I can do it, so you’ll do it too!’

Esmee - ‘It’s a spider, Lexi go and get it out of here!’

Tom - 'Just climb, when you’ve got the time.'

Rumaisah - ‘I no longer have a fear of heights because of Robinwood.’

Oliver - ‘My favourite activity was Knights quest... I love problem solving and team work.’

Imogen, Lilia, Esme, Annie  and Imogen - ‘You can do it! We are all in it together! I did it!’

Hebe - 'I loved archery.'

Zoe - ‘I can’t wait for Zipwire.'

Ridge group - ‘It’s Mr Tucker's underwear!’

All - ‘Don’t be a narna, Chop the banana!’

The children thoroughly enjoyed the enormous portions of food, particularly the hearty, cooked breakfasts; you will  be shocked to learn that they also raided the tuck shop with gusto and feasted on hot chocolate and biscuits.

The activities were extensive, challenging and beyond exciting; they included:

We can certainly say ‘I can and I will’ and perhaps a little more ‘... and I did!’

Click belw to see more photographs from the trip.

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