This week in Art we read “The Dot” the children used collage materials and pens to make their own dots.

This week Zara has been celebrating a special Hindu festival. She brought her book in to tell year 2 all about it.

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☰ Terrific Tatton Trip Until…

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Terrific Tatton Trip Until…

Posted on November 30 2015

It was all going so well on Thursday 19th, Year 5 and 6 embarked on a time traveling trip back to the 900s and 1940s to embark on a fantastic day of workshops at Tatton Park.  Year 5 were met by Etta the Viking and she led them to a clearing in the woods around Tatter’s Ton to meet with Blood Axe Harold who taught them the ways of the Vikings!  The children were prepped for hunting stags, ground corn into flour using rocks and stones, made bread over a fire, learnt how to make shield formations when going into battle and even worked on some weaving.  The children got so much out of the day; the highlight was being invaded by a group of piglets and meeting the other animals on the farm.  

Year 6 became evacuees for the day and found themselves milking cows, tending animal, making toast in Aunt Mary’s cottage, cleaning the saddles, played wartime games and when the siren went off, they ran to the shelter and sang songs!

When our workshops came to an end, we waved goodbye to our farmer and Viking friends and went for a sneaky play on the adventure playground whilst we waited for the coach.  It was then that the heavens opened.  We got drenched but we knew, as we boarded the coach home, that we would be home and drying off within half an hour, so we didn’t mind…or would we?  The slippery mud had other plans!  As the coach was attempting a three point turn on a patch of grass, it stuck fast on a hillock and the wheels furiously span in a futile manner in the sodden earth!  We had to wait for rescue which arrived in the form of a little tractor. We cheered when it finally pulled the coach free!  Lots of warm baths were enjoyed and hot chocolate devoured that evening!

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