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Castleton Residential

Posted on May 22 2018

Castleton Residential

At Forest Park, one of the key ways in which we enrich the curriculum is through real-life experiences and trips.  One of the most important of these is the residential experience, where children live with each other, develop their interpersonal skills and help them to become better leaders, as well as building trust and respect. Year 3 and 4 children had a fabulous time on their recent Castleton residential trip. We asked them to write about their experiences and here's what they had to say...

My first impression of Losehill YHA

When I got to Castleton I thought it was a lovely village. Then we got to Losehill and I was so excited I nearly screamed because I had never been on a two night stay before. I smiled so much, my jaw was hurting loads! - Eva

My first impression of Losehill was that it was going to be a massive outdoor adventure and that I was definitely going to get lost… and turns out I was right because I got lost millions of times! - Emily

My dormitory

In my dormitory I read my book in bed. It was fun reading in bed when everyone else was also reading in bed. - Theo

It was very big and didn’t look old like the walls on the outside of the building. The beds were comfy, cosy and warm. It would be better if there was one more cupboard! - Freya

My biggest challenge

My biggest challenge was probably the Jumblies challenge because it was really hard but it was still fun! It was hard because we kept on going around in circles and I almost got lost. That’s how big Castleton is! - Donovan

My biggest challenge was the catapult building challenge. It was tough and tricky but we worked through it and we did it. It felt amazing. - Xander

My favourite meal

My favourite meal was breakfast because you had a choice of what to get. I had an English breakfast. - Connie

My favourite food was the chocolate fudge cake because it was so tasty! – Ziyu

The funniest thing that happened

The funniest thing that happened was that our roommate was eating a load of snacks in bed. It was silent and we could hear her munching away at her snacks. - Elinor

The funniest thing that happened was when we were playing truth or dare and one of our roommates had to put a t-shirt on his head, shake it around and say ‘Waga-waga-waga!’ - Sumed

Remembering your favourite part

My favourite part was the archery because I was really good at it. We were hitting pictures at Vikings first and I got him on the nose first time! - Avel

One of my favourite parts was when one of the girls fell into the mud and got her shoe all muddy. - Georgia


Click here to see the photographs of our trip.

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