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The Nowhere Emporium

Posted on November 12 2020

The Nowhere Emporium

This term Year 5 have been studying The Nowhere Emporium, a fantasy fiction book by Ross MacKenzie about a magical shop that appears in a street in Glasgow.  Strangely, when people leave the shop, they have no memory of what happened inside.

The story follows Daniel, a young boy who entered the shop but managed to remember and his journey with Mr Silver and their discovery that the Nowhere Emporium travels through space and time.  The shop is made up of millions of corridors with doors scattered around.  Behind each door is a ‘wonder’…

The children used the text to create their own ‘wonder rooms’. 

Step 1: children were given pictures and they then had to name and describe the room based on the image.  

Step 2: the children chose their wonder. This could be from one of the images given to them, or a choice of their own.  They had to introduce the room by describing it using the five senses.  To build suspense, they had to allude to something bad happening to Daniel. 

Step 3:  they had to reveal the threat and build up even more suspense leaving the reader with a cliff-hanger.  

The final step of their journey, yet to be revealed, is to finally reassure the reader that Daniel escapes safely.

Alongside the creative writing, we used the book as the basis for our art lessons too.  The children are creating their own wonder room (in a shoebox!).  We will share the final creations on Facebook once they are complete.

The children have learnt several literacy devices during this topic to learn suspenseful writing, such as variety of sentence structures (e.g. short and snappy) and using speech, rhetorical questions, ellipses, and expanding noun phrases to help produce some wonderfully creative writing.

The final stories will be posted on the KS2 Pupil’s Work section of our website soon.

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