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Weird Science

Posted on April 25 2018

Weird Science

What an amazing Science Week we have had at Forest Park. The children (and staff) have had so much fun and learnt SO much. We have been very impressed by the standard and detail of the children’s presentations and experiments.

Each class has held their own Science Fair where every child has presented their findings.

In Year 2 we have learnt about life cycles, chromatography, gravity, explosions, acids and reactions to name but a few.

Each class has also studied a famous Scientist. Pre-Prep have been inspired to make boats after hearing about Christopher Columbus, and learnt all about floating and sinking. Reception studied Archimedes and started with the principle of taking a bath. They immersed bricks and cubes into water and observed what happened.

Year 1 looked at The Wright Brothers and learnt all about flying. They made their own aeroplanes out of different materials and tested them in the playground.

Year 2 took a trip to the moon. The children studied Neil Armstrong and looked at the phases of the moon. They had lots of fun making parachutes and learning all about gravity through testing out different materials.

Year 3 studied Leonardo da Vinci and found out about his wonderful life as an artist, designer, botanist and musician, to name but a few! As he was one of the first to design a helicopter, they looked at flight and how it uses air resistance to fly. In class and at home they went on to investigate with simple paper helicopters where they modified the design to improve its performance.

Year 4 learnt all about Thomas Edison and made some amazing circuits, learning all about conductors and insulators.

Year 5 found out what it takes to survive in space, both physically and mentally. Tim Peake and Chris Hadfield were the focus, teaching us about the equipment and skills needed. They then went on to design a planet along with creatures that would survive there given the climate, atmosphere and landscape chosen.

Year 6 studied Sir Isaac Newton. They investigated light and learnt all about refraction, looking at prisms and different colours.

The week culminated in The Forest Park Science Fair. The two finalists from each class presented their findings in the Hall and each class took it in turns to walk around and look at the different experiments and presentations.

We can certainly say that Science Week has been a great success. The children have been so inspired and learnt so much. A massive thank you to all the parents for supporting their children with their Easter Science homework, you have helped to make this week AMAZING!

Mrs Lynn & Mrs Florin

Science Coordinators

Click here to see some more photos from this week.

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