This week in Art we read “The Dot” the children used collage materials and pens to make their own dots.

This week Zara has been celebrating a special Hindu festival. She brought her book in to tell year 2 all about it.

2/2 afternoon.So thank you...Mrs Smith, Ms Derbyshire, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Pickford, Mrs Williams, Mrs Elliott, Mrs…

☰ We're Going to the Zoo!

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We’re Going to the Zoo!

Posted on February 09 2018

We’re Going to the Zoo!

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need zoos to teach our children about wild animals. Instead we would all go on responsible African safaris and immerse ourselves in the untamed world, in an open top Land Rover with an educated and charismatic ranger surrounded by the drama and charm of the planet’s wildlife. But, for those of us who can not afford the luxury of a week in the Great Migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti, we take our children to the zoo and watch how the chimpanzees act with human-like behaviours and predators pace menacingly in their enclosures.

The children in Year 6 and Reception certainly enjoyed their day at Chester Zoo and satisfied their natural curiosity about wild animals. The buddy trip gave the children memorable experiences with their peers away from their regular school environment and provided alternative educational opportunities. It was delightful to see the Year 6 children take responsibly for their buddy, questioning and extending their experiences and supporting them in new sensory situations.

A trip to the zoo is not just a visual encounter; the animals interact with you, they are noisy and they smell! From cute calf elephants playing follow the leader to bat caves so pungent and visually deprived it sent a wave of excitement through the group, to a prowling jaguar sneaking up behind Mr Tucker and a surprisingly quick sloth!The experience certainly enriched the children’s experiences and was enjoyed by all. Maybe next year we will get to go on African safaris!

Click here to see photographs from our trip.

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