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☰ Year 1 & 2 Trip to The Lowry

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Year 1 & 2 Trip to The Lowry

Posted on November 04 2016

Year 1 and 2, and ‘Fred the Ted’ had an amazing time at The Lowry Art Gallery.

We took part in two different workshops, led by artists Alex and Michelle, which covered painting and drawing techniques related to ‘perfected portraits’ and ‘lovely landscapes’.

We had a go at ‘continuous line drawing’, this proved very tricky for some of us, as we had to draw a face without taking the pencil off the paper!  We also tested ourselves at ‘blind drawing’, we weren’t allowed to look at our paper, only our friends face - very challenging!  We also tried ‘opposite hand drawing’, which involved using the opposite side of our brain!

We walked around the gallery and considered LS Lowry’s portraits for inspiration and had a go at sketching our own portraits.  We discovered how to draw the face by dividing it into different sections and how to add detail and definition by shading.

In the second workshop, we focused on landscapes.  We found out how to mix different colours using the three primary colours.  We observed the buildings and the Salford Quays Millennium footbridge, identifying different shapes;  we then had a whirl at painting our own landscapes.  We discovered how to ‘blow’ the paint to make a smudged effect, how to use the tips of our brushes for precise work and the edges for straight lines.  The children had a second opportunity to peruse the gallery, in particular  L S Lowry’s urban landscapes.  We chose our favourites and had a go at sketching them in using the techniques learnt.

The day was jammed packed with techniques the children (and the staff) uncovered some new artistic skills and came home with some amazing work!

Click here to see some photographs from the trip.

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