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☰ The Paxlings Visit Year 1

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The Paxlings Visit Year 1

Posted on February 12 2016

The strangest thing happened in Year 1 this half-term… Coinciding perfectly with our ‘Space’ topic, a family of aliens from the Andromeda galaxy visited Forest Park!

It began with a local dog-walker spotting something very peculiar hovering over the school. Luckily, she managed to take a photograph of this strange sight, and shared it with Mrs Hewitt the next day. Year 1 went outside to investigate and discovered a mysterious blue box. Our alien friends – the Paxlings – had left a letter for us and a photograph. They were very confused about life on Earth and were travelling the universe to make friends and learn about other planets.

Each day, the Paxlings left us further messages and photographs in the box. Year 1 spent the fortnight in an absolute frenzy of excitement. They insisted on writing messages to the aliens every day, and when the aliens were too frightened to come into our classroom (they were very silly - they thought our chairs were robot spiders) the children made posters to reassure them and stuck them up in the window where our visitors could see. Mrs Hewitt set up a camera in our classroom one night and even managed to catch a photo of them having a party with Fred the Ted!

Before our alien friends left they asked us to write information texts about Forest Park so that they could add it to their travel guide. The children wrote their texts with great enthusiasm and Mrs Hewitt sent photocopies to the aliens for their guide but kept the originals for her display. (Ahem.)

Unfortunately, the penultimate letter left by the aliens said that they had heard that Venus was a lovely planet, with beaches and cool water, and they were planning to visit Venus next. Year 1 were aghast – they knew from their lessons on space that Venus is a terrible planet with dangerous volcanoes. They frantically wrote messages to warn the Paxlings against travelling there, and thankfully our alien friends received our messages in time and departed for a friendlier planet – but not before leaving us some gifts!

Year 1 spent the fortnight choosing to write in their continuous provision time – reams and reams of letters and messages, along with plenty of declarations of love to our aliens. It has been wonderful to see them embracing writing so enthusiastically in their choosing time (and Mrs H was very pleased to have so many extra assessment opportunities!)

To top off our space topic, we created alien puppets so that, although the Paxlings have gone, we still have alien friends of our own to keep!

Click here to see some more pictures of our mysterious visitors.

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