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☰ Year 2 Enjoy a Fun-Filled Residential in Burwardsley

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Year 2 Enjoy a Fun-Filled Residential in Burwardsley

Posted on May 14 2019

Year 2 Enjoy a Fun-Filled Residential in Burwardsley

Last week Year 2 went on their residential trip to Burwardsley.  The trip was a great success and all the children had an amazing time and behaved impeccably. On our return, the children wrote about their favourite parts.

My favourite part was the ice-cream Farm because I had yummy ice-cream. When we went it was very sunny. There was lots and lots of things we could do including a slide, a little wooden house, a tree that sprayed bubbles, hills and a spinny round thing. I poked my head through a hill and I looked like a funny, silly astronaut. Finally, it was time to go to Burwardsley for a whole lot of fun! (Orla)

My favourite part of Burwardsley was climbing up Willow Hill and making dens. First we had to walk down the side of the road and then we entered the hill, the hill was bumpy and sticks were scattered all over the footpath. Next we had to go under something like a cave, then we reached the top. We made dens, there was a Tatton den, a Moreton den and a Dunham den. After having a good look at all the dens we had to go back down the hill. (Anirudh)

My favourite part of Burwardsley was Willow Weaving. I liked it because it was like sewing with sticks. I made a fish. We made them sat outside it was a lovely day. I bought the fish back to school in a big box. (Francesca)

My favourite part of the residential was roasting the big, tasty marshmallows.  We roasted them on a bonfire. I got 2 marshmallows and 2 biscuits with chocolate on the top. We sat on some benches and sang songs. (Milhailo)

My favourite part was making daisy chains and daisy caterpillars. We had big friendly talks sitting on the green grass. The daisy caterpillars were cute and easy to make. Orla made a big daisy chain, it was bigger than me and Orla! (Isla)

My favourite part was pond dipping, we did pond dipping on the second day. The pond was big and dirty. Half of the pond was shallow and the other half was deep. In the middle of the pond were plants and green lily pads, around the pond there was a brown board walk. You had two trays, a dirty tray and a clean tray. You put the things from your net into the dirty tray and then used a spoon to get the animals in the clean tray to have a better look at them. (Eve)

Click below to see photographs from our trip.

Part I

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