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☰ Year 3 & 4 Residential Trip to Castleton

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Year 3 & 4 Residential Trip to Castleton

Posted on June 17 2019

Year 3 & 4 Residential Trip to Castleton

Year 3 and 4 pupils recently visited Castleton YHA for a two-night residential trip packed full of exciting activities. On our return to school, Year 4 pupils decided to write a letter to the staff at Castleton and thank them for a lovely trip. Below you can see some snippets of their work.

Dear Castleton staff,

My name is Avel and I have recently visited Castleton YHA with my school, Forest Park. We came on a residential trip from 22nd May - 24th May 2019. I am writing to you to thank you all for your kindness and hospitality. (Avel)

On our recent visit, we carried out lots of different fun activities. One of my favourites was gem panning where we had to find the gems that were hidden within the sand. Another was the egg rockets where we had to build a rocket ship out of recycled materials. You had to put an egg inside the rocket ship before you could launch it, but the task was to keep the egg safe. (Naad-e-Ali)

My favourite activity that we did was gem panning because my passion is to collect gems and fossils. I also liked fencing and archery. In archery, I hit the yellow ring but then it bounced out - so annoying! I also loved going on a walk to get our ice-creams. I chose bubble-gum. (Louisa)

I enjoyed the candle making because Mr Tucker, our head teacher, sang a really funny song as we made them. The words he sang were “Dip it in the wax, dip it in the water, round and round we go!” We had to dip it in wax and water lots of times so that the wax kept forming and coming together. (Hana)

I really liked the dorms because they were spacious and the drawers under the bed were very useful. The lights on the side of our beds were great because they were just bright enough to read with! (Ishan)

My room was really nice because the beds were comfy and I was with my friends. The only thing I disliked about the room was that there was a spider in the loo! It made me jump out of my skin! (Harriet)

One thing I will remember about my trip to Castleton is when I saw a newt in the pond. I really will miss Castleton as this is the last time I will be going. I thank all the staff, but especially Evan and Alison. (Elinor)

My time at Castleton was fantastic and I would like to thank everyone that worked with us to make our stay amazing! (Donovan)

A really big thank you to all of Year 3 and 4 children for their outstanding behaviour. They participated in all activities with a great attitude and a lovely smile! It was a pleasure to take them on their residential and we hope they have created some memories that will last a lifetime!

Click on the links below to see photographs from the trip.

Photos Part One

Photos Part Two

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