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☰ Year 3 & 4 Residential Trip to Castleton

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Year 3 & 4 Residential Trip to Castleton

Posted on June 30 2017


First we went on the bus to Castleton which took about 2 hours. I sat next to Thomas, we were very excited. When we finally got there, we had lunch at Losehill (where we were staying). I had a cheese sandwich.. Yum!

When we met Zack, he led us on the walk. He asked to find five things - two mysterious holes, an earthquake, sea creatures and a red sea. We found everything. But he tricked us as the earthquake was a landslide! We went back to Losehill.

Mr Higginbotham told us which room we were in. I was in B3 with Oliver, Ronjay and Sumed.. Yah!! We went to our rooms to unpack. Me and Sumed were at the bottom bunks and Oliver and Ronjay were at the top. We played with our toys we had bought at the gift shop. I bought three things a ball, pen and torch.

We then had dinner. We did gem panning which was great fun! I had pizza and rice.. Yum! After that we did the egg rocket challenge where we decorated a bottle and put an egg around it. Everyone finished so we got to watch the Lego Movie. Awesome! After that it was 9:00 pm so we went to bed. It was a long night….


First we had breakfast; I loved it because I had three pieces of toast, butter, bacon and sausages. I liked seeing everyone’s clothes from home.

We then launched our rockets. Mine came third. My team was Max, Lamees, Freya and Ishi. Me and Max did the design.

It was time for Hats Role play. Some people read something in character and wore a hat and pretended they lived in Castleton. We had to vote on who should leave. I chose Daniela’s character, the biker. We chose Ronjay, the business man had to leave Castleton as he was buying too many house.

Finally the team challenges came. I came first and second. We packed up and left after lunch. I sat next to Peter on the coach.

I really enjoyed my trip to Castleton, so much so that I’m visiting Losehill with my family and friends. I’m looking forward to going back again next year in Year 4.

By Joe, Year 3

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